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Tread Lightly: Venomous and Poisonous Animals of the Southwest

by Rich and Margie Wagner

It may be strikingly beautiful, but will it strike? And if it does, what should you do? Potentially dangerous animals crawl, scurry, and slither along the desert floor. Learn about their habitats, reproduction cycles, feeding habits, and hiding spots. We'll tell you what to do if you are bitten, stung, or harmed by one of these potentially deadly creatures - but more important, we'll teach you how to avoid dangerous situations in the first place. Great photos and entertaining to read, this book provides a wealth of information about venomous and poisonous animals, including rattlesnakes, scorpions, Gila monsters, tarantulas, black widow and brown recluse spiders and more. Also included are "look-alike" harmless animals that are often mistaken for their dangerous counterparts. 55 color photos.

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Tread Lightly: Venomous and Poisonous Animals of the Southwest

All images in this book are online and are available for licensing, prints, or cards. To view all the images in the book, enter Tread Lightly in the search box or follow this link: Tread Lightly: The Images...



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